Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just keeping up the old post count...

...or something...

Still have that persistent feeling that nothing I write here is of significance or importance to annnnybody, but it's also interesting that my most mundane posts frequently attract the most comments, while the rare flashes of political and social insight are less likely to draw comments.  Who knows?  Just one of those mysteries.

But because I get tired of seeing the old subject header every time this page is opened, here's a random update.  My source is none other than the personal diary I keep offline as a Word document.

So here it is.  You asked for it.  Well, actually, no you didn't.  But here it is anyway:

9/1:  FG has friended me on Facebook.  He was, I guess, the first boy I ever kissed – in 9th grade on a music department trip to Washington DC.  I just wanted to try it out, a what-the-hell kind of thing.  Naturally he turned out to be one of the nerdiest kids in the whole school and thought we'd end up getting married or something.  He kept following me around.  I never had the slightest interest in him.  Fortunately, he got married ASAP, to some girl, less than 2 years out of high school.  But – the first thing he said to me on Facebook was how vividly he remembered the kiss.  Mama mia.  No one's gonna tell me my lips are, or ever were, that special!!


Very roller-coastery mood type of day!  I had the alarm set for 8am, but woke up at 6:02 and all I could think of was the neighborhood's executive committee meeting and how I hadn't 1. typed the minutes from last month's meeting; 2. typed an agenda for the president or 3. typed the minutes from the August general residents' meeting that Dorothy R. had recorded when I couldn’t make the meeting on Aug. 12th. [anxiety]
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