Thursday, June 24, 2010


...I'm having to revert to moderated comments, due to some persistent character(s) who bestow spammy porn links on every post.

Wondering if my reminiscence on Bob had something to do with this -- pinged some search engine or other.

Well, at any rate, it's back to Captchaville for all you good folks and Bannedville for everybody else.

Here are a few new photos to compensate:
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pictures & Words, instead of the usual vice versa

Having finally acquired a camera phone, I'm snapping and clicking at regular intervals throughout the day.  Taking photos, too, LOL.  Starting to think more in terms of the visual.

So, here's some of that.  Old and new.

Age 7, pre-first communion.  I vividly remember biting the insides of my cheeks as I walked up the church aisle, trying to keep from breaking out in a nervous grin.  
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