Friday, December 30, 2005


Look at the date, already! December 30, nearly 2 years since the last post. Well, it's not as though I don't keep a journal. Sheesh...I've got the one I keep on the computer, my occasional Oprah bits, and three handwritten ones. One is for personal stuff, the other to chronicle the events that will ensue after my son moves back in, and one to chronicle the events leading up to the purchase of a new house and beyond.

Truth is, I still feel a lot of ambivalence about blogs. I don't consider myself interesting or important enough to take up any more bandwidth.

However...I made a promise and I'm gonna (try to) keep it.

So, anyway, what did I accomplish this year? I did lay the groundwork for starting an online business. I did get a lot of improvements made to the house, but oh, boy, did that come with a price tag! I'm back in debt again, feeling very nervous about that.

But today, I took one positive step toward the online business thing. I signed up as a sales rep for a home- and personal-care products company. The initial outlay was very small, and I think there's a lot of room for growth with this. I can host in-home parties, sell online, and also at work. A lot of people at work sell Mary Kay and Avon; this will be different. I'm looking forward to having business cards printed up and getting a website started. I've been studying up on Affiliate Marketing, because that seems to be the foundation of online marketing.

Another thing I might do, since I've got this damn blog anyway, is to publish the daily entries I make. Currently, I'm collecting them monthly and putting them into my Yahoo storage. This might make more sense. We'll see.

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