Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Led Me Not into Temptation.

Very quick post for now.

I was SO tempted to call Carl at work and start talking about a story I'd heard on the radio, about how the Atlanta Braves will be disbanding because they hadn't won enough games and weren't supporting the City of Atlanta with revenues ... and how Turner Field is slated to be converted to mixed-income housing after the Braves finish their last season in 2012.

And then after he started foaming at the mouth on the floor I'd have yelled "Gotcha! April Fool!"

But I didn't.

I was good.

However, when I came home and told him what I almost but not quite did to him, he informed me that if I'd done that, he would have left work, come directly to my office and killed me on the spot. "Because," he said "you are officially sick and twisted."

We have such a sweet marriage...

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