Thursday, April 17, 2008

Na Ga Da.


Not gonna do it.

Wouldn't be prudent.

The immortal words of Dana Carvey in his role as George H.W. Bush (circa 1991).

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No rage cake.

Na ga da.

Regardless of how tempted and provoked I feel. Doug asked me to submit payment of Wally's college dorm application fee. It's $125. Doesn't sound like much to a normal person, or even a normal me, but at the moment, I am flat-busted-wiped-out-broke.

I will be down to about $7 projecting to May 22.
I have $6 available credit on one credit card -- that's the one I've been keeping up the payments on.
I have $0 available credit on the other card, because, as I just discovered, I inadvertently missed a payment. I now have to come up with a MINIMUM payment on that card of $161 by May 10th.

Na Ga Da.

I simply won't have it on May 10th,. So I've scheduled weekly payments of $16, just to show good faith, and hoping that I'll be a little more affluent the following month and can get caught up.

I cut the card up, though. Figured, what the hell. It made me feel good to destroy something with a pair of scissors, and this way, once the motherfucker is paid off, it will be gone for real.

I finally checked my investment account, knowing there isn't much left of what was in there at the beginning of the year. I liquidated some holdings just to tide me over, and it

...wouldn't be prudent ...

to do that any more this year.

There is enough to cover the $125, so I went ahead and wrote a check. I know doing it with the card online would be quicker and preferable, but I checked the website and there are all sorts of hoops to jump through, so they (Wally, Doug and the college) are just going to have to accept my submission of a paper check via snail mail.

And Doug had better reimburse me as he said he would. And not make me wait forever for it as "revenge" for my having been slow sending him the money for Wally's car insurance, which I also could barely scrape together.

And that condescending, lecturing tone he gets! Oh. My. God.

"The money in Wally's 529 account must be regarded as sacred..."

Like he actually thinks I'm going to raid it to buy Stephen King novels or commemorative plates from the Franklin Mint??

I had free access to Wally's CD over a period of 10 years, but stayed far away from it, despite urgings from Carl and Wally himself to use it. Wally got the proceeds last spring, nearly $700, and of course it was gone in 60 seconds. Doug has a hell of a nerve.

But na ga da.

I'm embarking on a spiritual weekend starting tomorrow afternoon, and am in a position to co-teach a workshop in transcending the everyday to make our lives more spiritual and meaningful.

Rage cake is junk food.

And na ga da.

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