Saturday, May 24, 2008

Proof That I Am a Good Person

Today, after taking care of the cell phone thang, I proceeded to the local big-box and splurged. Got Carl a little fan for his bedside table that will hopefully make enough noise to drown out the barking of the beagle next door (we're such wimps, not wanting to confront his owner, our neighbor, with whom we're on good terms). The rest of it went toward miscellaneous cosmetics, Band-Aids and OTC remedies for pain and heartburn. About half of what I bought was generic or store-brand, but there were a few things more on the "premium," or name-brand side, and it felt good to indulge that way.

I didn't spend a penny on this little spree (other than petrol)! I whipped out my rather fat collection of gift cards that I've accumulated since December, and covered the whole thing, with $1.60 to spare. At least two of these were from the neighborhood association; one or two were from work, and one was a Christmas gift.

Sometimes I feel showered with gifts...

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