Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, well, that explains it!

Kay clued me in to this quiz:

Ringmaster Ned
Ringmaster Ned
Take Your Secret Self 1 Step Beyond today!

Going 1 step beyond I would be standing in the middle of a lot of people who are interesting and just sort of pointing shit out for you. Lookit that. Lookit this. I have other things going on right now but if I can just get by announcing stuff that would be OK with me. I could DJ on the radio so long as I don't have to go beyond traffic weather and music. Or I could be the person at the info booth at the mall over Christmas. Whatever. I act like I'm keeping my life private but really there's just nothing going on. Ooooo lookit the clowns!

...Snicker... In a way, this is quite true. I guess it reflects a certain detachment. If I know what other people are interested in, I can point them toward it while staying out of the fray myself.

But then, I haven't had any coffee yet, so what do I know??

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