Monday, August 25, 2008

A question to counter one of many dumb arguments

I don't do much atheist ranting here, simply because other bloggers do it so much better than I. With the attention span of a flea, I rarely get past the surface of an argument. This will most likely be the case today as well.

However -- To that well-worn statement from believers who reject evolution because "No way I'm descended from no apes," I have a question.

Believers I've met often seem fond of "the struggle." Doing things the hard way. Suffering now in exchange for a greater reward later. Starting small, coming out way ahead of everybody else.

What greater example of this can we find than the evolutionary process?

I could see believers complaining if there were some other species lording it over us (to coin a phrase), reminding us that we are lowly and insignificant. But no, one of the tenets of western theology in particular is that we are "the crown of creation." We are just "a little lower than the angels."

Funny, isn't it, how believers place humankind only below two entities (God and the angels) that have not been proved even to exist?

Evolution, on the other hand, starts us out as particles of an indeterminate nature and progresses us over billions of years to one-celled organisms to creatures with gills to amphibians to primitive mammals, all the way up to our advanced culture (exemplified by Hannah Montana and the Chia Pet).

Believers, on the other hand, will tell you that we got here by some sort of Harry Potteresque magical process in which Dumblegod (also known as Voldegod when you piss him off) waved a wand over some dirt and transfigured us into 7th-year Gryffindors with a ready-made Order of Merlin First Class.

I personally am proud of my billion-year journey and think it looks a lot better on my resume than "I got here 'cos I knew the right people."

Gotta hit the shower. Have a good day...


Kat said...

I once met a theologian who believed in evolution. He said that god made the plants, animals the universe and planet (not necesarily in that order) and on the seventh day he rested, how long was that day? Who says that to god a day isn't a couple million years.
Then poof he made man. How do we know he didn't also create the evolutionary process and that was how man was made. The bible doesn't tell us how Adam and Eve were made, only that they were.
Perhaps God used Evolution as his recipe? I'm probably mucking up his whole idea because I don't remember it that well, but he sounded much better.
And I thought it was pretty amazing that someone who had such a strong belief in god also believed in Darwin and evolution.

Just thought I'd share, I'm not religious either which is why I don't remember his whole idea.

Volly said...

Hey, if some "originating" force set up evolution, I'm cool with that. The truth is, none of us know where it all started, and quite likely never will know. It's the people who just refuse to look at FACTS, never mind even "evidence," staring them right in the face and won't acknowledge anything but the Bobble and those who claim to know it.

Thanks for the comment!