Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been very blocked for over a week now. It's worse than being unable to "think of something to write about." What happens is, a topic comes to mind, with a few salient points, and then, about halfway into the post, I either lose track of what I was trying to say, or, I think the topic overall isn't something anyone would want to read, or I figure my statements won't hold up, or I figure someone else has already addressed the topic and done a better job than I. Sometimes I feel just mentally exhausted to the point that I can't craft sentences that go beyond a 5th-grade level. So then I highlight everything I've written so far, or hit CTRL-A and delete it, or simply save it as a draft where possible (like here). And then, as in a failed romantic encounter, I go on with the feeling that it started out pretty good, but then "something went wrong," and it didn't come to its desired conclusion.

During the past month, the topics I've left in limbo on this blog include:

George Lakoff's analysis of the "strict father morality" that has characterized the right wing for the past 35 years or so;
My thoughts while hiding out in the office while my husband watched McCain's acceptance speech in the living room;
Some personal reflections on the 7th anniversary of 9/11;
Why I feel hopeful about the outcome of this election;
Why God isn't all-knowing, all-powerful or all-loving;
My thoughts after attending a funeral service at a small African-American church;
A description of an annoying two-word phrase used by someone I work with;
What "sexual harassment" is all about.

This is not me fishing for encouragement to expand on these topics; it's just an example of the type of stuff that has drifted through my mind but somehow gotten stalled before arriving complete in written form.

I post frequently on a local message forum where I live, and the same thing has happened -- with the difference that once the posts are deleted, they're gone forever, unless I can dredge 'em back up from memory. That doesn't happen. 99% of the time I just abandon them.

Not sure why this is happening now, what I can do about it, or how long it will persist. But it seemed like a topic others might relate to, so here 'tis.

7:20pm -- Adding: this also frequently happens when I start to post a comment on someone else's blog. So if you've gotten the vague sense that someone is trying to tell you something, maybe it was me. :)

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