Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Even Soap Operas Occasionally Take a Hiatus

Well actually, they don't, but I'm happy to report that mine is. Doug and I are once again on the same page with regard to Wally. The youngster has been posting all kinds of worrisome crap on Facebook and not explaining it. His stepmother (who I haven't gotten around to naming yet...let's call her Judith) finally called me directly because she's not getting any useful information from Doug, and Doug's not getting anything useful (and little that's truthful) from Wally. I'm hoping that Wally will understand that the TYPICAL college freshman has parents who check up on him. This may be the most stable home he's had since early 2006. The notion that his parents have stopped taking pot shots at each other seems to appeal to him, so maybe he in turn will relax his defensive stance and start acting more his age (meaning a little more naive and innocent, less like a 35-year-old).

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