Monday, September 15, 2008

How Silly - - Letting FACTS Get in the Way

As I begin writing, it is 7:54 pm.

At 7:52, I Googled "Saddam Hussein Came to Power."

The entry was one ahead of Wiki, so I took the snippet below from there.

Saddam was BORN in 1937, but cannot be said to have assumed any sort of power or fame until about 1968 at the very earliest.

He became president of Iraq 11 years after that. It wasn't until the early 1980s that the general public (that is, the ones who really paid any attention to international news) ever heard his name. For the average American, this didn't happen until the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

I think we can all agree on the above.

So WHY are so many induhviduals convinced that Barack Hussein Obama (born in 1961) was named after a Muslim dictator?

Can we get some reality here?

The time is now...
All of that is by way of demonstrating that it took 2 minutes to FIND the information and 4 minutes to POST it. And a few more minutes to find all my typos and fix 'em, but still!

FACTUAL INFORMATION is just as easy to find as bullshit.

Better for you, too.

Saddam Hussein
Iraqi political leader
Born: 4/28/1937
Birthplace: Tikrit, Iraq

Hussein was raised in the farming village of Tikrit by his widowed mother. He joined the Ba'ath Socialist party in 1957 and was soon involved in an assassination attempt against the prime minister. The attempt failed but Hussein escaped. Sentenced to death, he fled to Egypt where he continued his education and his political involvement, entering law school in Cairo in 1962.

In 1963, after the Ba'ath party came to power, he returned to Baghdad where he continued his law studies and increased his involvement in the party's activities. The Ba'ath regime was short-lived and without its protection Hussein went into hiding, though he was eventually tracked down and imprisoned for several years.

He escaped from prison and continued his underground activities, playing a significant role in the 1968 revolution that brought the Ba'ath party in to lasting power. As vice president, Hussein wielded considerable power in the government noted for political repression and human rights violations. He also led efforts to modernize the country and develop its weak economy and oil resources. When President Ahmed Hasan al-Bakr resigned in 1979, citing poor health, Hussein became president. Within a month, rivals in the Ba'ath party, accused of plotting a coup, were executed.

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