Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lisa Earle McLeod - The Triangle of Truth

This lady spoke at my church this summer. She is often characterized as a 21st-century Erma Bombeck, but while Erma was beloved because she approached global issues from behind a domestic screen, Lisa is less homespun and more direct.

Here she talks about refining the art of compromise, taking it (IMO) a giant step farther than Steven Covey did, and in far fewer words:

The reality is sex and talking both create intimacy, Western and Eastern medicine aren't necessarily in conflict, and financial controls needn't stymie aggressive marketing.

So I've come up with a new model - The Triangle of Truth©

Here's how it works: when faced with an issue, instead of taking a straight-line approach, think of it like a triangle.

The line at the bottom represents the problem, where you are today. The two potential solutions are the right and left corners. Instead of wasting time moving back and forth along the bottom, trying to convince people that your side is the real truth; look for the ultimate solution at the top of the triangle, the pinnacle, the part that's supported by both sides.

Lisa's HuffPost Blog

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