Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Atheists Become Increasingly Vocal" - Article

...courtesy of the Ft. Myers FL News-Press, by way of the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life:

Atheists become increasingly vocal

By PETER SMITH • Gannett News Service • October 21, 2008

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Alan Canon grew up in a fundamentalist household and was a Bible camp prize winner.

But his family also valued science, and he ultimately couldn't reconcile the two and became an atheist.

"For people openly to say they're atheist is similar to gay people coming out," said Canon, of Louisville, who often wears a pin with a scarlet-letter "A" to prompt conversations about atheism. "It's not popular at all for people to say they're atheist, especially in these parts."

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Kay Dennison said...

I don't understand atheists but I grant them their right to believe as they choose.

I not only believe in a loving snd forgiving God -- I rely on it. It's the only hope I have!

William Cooney said...


Atheism and humanism are not really belief systems in the traditional sense. To be more accurate, they amount to a "method" of living and reasoning based on the rational and without dogmatic affirmations.

I admire your proclamation granting "us" the right to "believe" as we choose. You may not believe this, but your reasonable posture is not as prevalent as one would like. We free-thinkers are still very marginalized in our families and in society in general and mostly because of the "tyrannical" religious majority.

As a "new" atheist, I give you warm welcome and hope for you the best. We're really just like anyone else.

Volly said...

I've got even more hope now than during the years when I was religious.

Ipecac said...

I agree. I don't wait for "divine intervention" to solve my problems. I have to handle them myself. That's empowering and ultimately more hopeful than waiting for a non-existent "god" to do something.