Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Done Deal. And Now We Wait.

Well, the loan has been approved (which means the people at Equifax are doing some serious chemicals), and I am now on the hook for about $22K.

And Wally still firmly believes that Doug is going to pay it back and that I won't have to. He won't even entertain the notion that my suspicions and distrust could be justified. He cut me off as I tried to express my misgivings -- he was downright rude. Well, all righty then. I still think Doug is a slug; that he still wants to try to ruin me financially, and that this is his twisted way of keeping a connection between us.

Yes, I suppose Doug may have told himself at some juncture that he has behaved badly during the last several years and needs to let it go and start acting like a human being again, which would mean that he intends to keep his word...

...just as there may be li'l piggies with wings out there that I've simply never had the opportunity to meet.

It will be interesting to see what happens in March of next year when the first payment is due. We will see if Wally is singing the same tune. And I guarantee, however callous it may sound, that if my prediction trumps his, he WILL hear about it. In detail. He will also be informed that any and all future monetary requests to me will be refused, for as long as it takes for ME to repay this loan. The rest of his undergraduate experience, grad school if applicable, wedding, birth(s) of child(ren), and most especially, any "inconveniences" such as speeding tickets or other similar misadventures. He gets his medical costs paid for by me, and that's it.

Of course, if those flyin' piggies happen to show up, I'll gladly go back to being his mother again.


Kay Dennison said...

I don't understand this. My kids had loans and I didn't have to sign anything. They paid them as far as I know.

I guess the world has changed a whole lot I guess.

As to your ex -- ignore him. It will drive him crazier than if you react. I am excrutiatingly polite to mine. I always ask about the live-in and send good wishes and I keep the conversation to the kids and the grands. For some reason he gets iffy if I mention dating anyone so I skip that -- even if I am. I keep as much of my business to myself as I can.

Volly said...

Basically, it's extortion and emotional blackmail. Doug has claimed all along that "50-50 is the only fair arrangement." To me, it's like saying I have a ton of rocks to be moved; I have a mule and a cocker spaniel. Both should pull the same size load. Ridiculous, of course. But that's Doug's view of the subject. So never mind that he has stashed over a hundred grand away for Wally's education and I've struggled since the divorce to say solvent. Nope -- if school costs a hundred grand, we should each be contributing 50K. He's threatening to cut off any assistance to Wally, forcing him to leave school. I don't think he'd do it, but don't wish to take a chance. Not to mention that it's driving Wally nuts, being stuck in between the two of us. So for now I'm willing to let Wally continue his silly fantasy that "Dad" is going to pay back the loan that's now in my name. We'll see. You never know. Maybe Nessie will show up on CNN and give an interview, too.

His wife is a decent sort, by the way. I often wonder if she really knows what she married.