Saturday, November 15, 2008

5 Good, 5 Bad

Another quickie...

5 Good Things Right Now, no particular order...

1. Obama.
2. Lots of rain lately.
3. Quitting neighborhood association after the first of the year.
4. Spent the week getting reacquainted with my old job. Good crew.
5. Looking forward to probable Thanksgiving trip to see BFF in Illinois

5 Bad Things Right Now, no particular order...

1. Carl got sick at work yesterday.
2. The auto repairs I've been putting off may cost me an arm & a leg today.
edited to add, 11:43: I underestimated. It cost an arm, a leg, a couple of toenails, and several gray hairs. And probably my gizzard.
3. Another month and a half to go before I'm out of the neighborhood association.
4. Phone bill went up 20 bucks.
5. Another Sunday forum at church tomorrow and I have nothing prepared.


questionsaboutfaithetc said...

I love the term "born-again liberal democrat." I see why your blog is one of William's favorites.

Volly said...

Thank you, and thank you, William!