Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Volly's Souvenir Post

Other than "Yay!" I can't think of anything terribly original to say about this awesome, wonderful, hope-affirming election result. So, I've decided to paste the first headline from all the bloggers in my sidebar (or the best ones starting around 11:00 last night, since many have posted several times already).

This, after all, is what blogs are for.


From The Immoral Minority:
Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States!
From The Chaliceblog:

WAHOO!!!! Thank you, Virginia!!!

From Atheist Revolution:
From Fran's Ramblings:

If she could .....

Lady Liberty would be dancing!
(picture at right pasted along with the headline).

From Lugosi's Mirth, Musings & More:
This Race is Now Over.

From James Ishmael Ford:
Joys & Sorrows
(a sober reminder that all is not well - Proposition 8 appears to have passed in California)
From Hugo Schwyzer:
Quiet Tears
From Mound of Sound:
From Cosmic Connie:

"Sail on, sail on, o mighty Ship of State..."

From The Atheist Experience:
One big victory
From the divine Ms. Kay:
All Done.

From Bad-Tempered Zombie:
thank you, America
From The Rev. Reed Braden:
That Was Quick

Letters from a Hill Farm:
Quote du jour/Mary Lois
Tomorrow will be another day. But this is the big one.
From Primordial Blog:
Way to Go America!
From The Invisible Pink Unicorn:
It's Obama!
From Tangled Up in Blue Guy:
I Have Been to the Mountaintop
From Questions About Faith, Etc.
Obama's Hope
From Internal Monologue:
Fireworks lighting up my neighborhood
[mine too, Zach, and surprisingly few gunshots!]

From Dennis Palumbo:


From Helen Wheels:
America WINS!

A good representative sample for now and a good stopping point, since I'm late for the shower.

Have a great, inspiring day, everybody!



Kay Dennison said...

The divine Ms. Kay? lolol You are a sweetie!

Volly said...

Shh. Don't tell anybody.