Friday, December 05, 2008

'Tis the Season to be Childish & Hypocritical

Some people need extra eggnog, methinks...

Why aren't they out shopping for gifts?

Or decorating?

Or feeding people at a nearby shelter?

Or filling the red kettles?

Have they nothing better to do than act out with no more maturity than a preschooler knocking down the other kid's Lego tower because it's better constructed and people come by to take a second look?

Gotta love it.



Kay Dennison said...

I think my post this week on the Founding Fathers addresses this nicely. Check it out.

Dusty said...

Hey, they're just trying to keep the "ass" in "Christmass."

What, you don't spell it that way?

Volly said...

Funny, how it does tend to bring that out in some people (who may try to keep it more or less under wraps the rest of the year).