Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making Lists, Killing Time

Confession: I'm killing time to avoid having to confront the painful reality of tax preparation. And that's all I have to say about that.

As for the lists, I have subdivided my blog list into categories, mainly because the list was getting unwieldy. Some of the categories are pretty easy, especially "Atheist Blogs," because a great many have the "A" word in the title or the "scarlet letter" prominently featured.

I originally had two separate categories in mind for "liberal" blogs and "political" blogs, but truthfully, you're not going to find any "Townhall"-style bloggers featured here, so for me, "liberal" and "political" are a tad redundant.

Skeptic/atheist/freethinker that I am, I still attend a Unitarian Universalist church, as I've mentioned here and there; it's an adventure to sort out objective reality from wonder (or "woo-woo," as our minister calls it). Yesterday's "unknown" is today's science and the same undoubtedly holds true now, for the most part. Yet, there are still questions about how we grow our worldview, and anyone who takes on this challenge full-time deserves recognition, which is why the "Religion/Philosophy" list is separate.

The feminist blog list is small, and I am in the process of remedying that.

As for the rest, a number of my favorites fall into several categories all at once, or offer an unblinking and unintimidated view of the author's everyday life, which I find irresistible and often inspirational. We are, indeed, all in this together and blogging helps provide great reassurance of that. There are a few expert blogs in here, as well as irreverent humor -- in all cases, you'll find an abundance of talent and great writing.

If you're a blog author and you want to persuade me to move your blog to another list, drop a line. Meanwhile, enjoy and have a good rest of the weekend.


anton said...


I was honoured to have my blog added to your list. I have now read several of your postings and believe we are of like minds. It may be a little late, but, Happy Equinox!


Howard Bagby said...

Thank you for placing my blog on your list of favorites.

Kay Dennison said...

I don't care where you put me, my friend -- I'm just delighted to be listed!!!!! 'Assorted' pretty much describes my blog -- ya nevah know what I'm gonna rant, whine or ramble on about!!!

Happy Easter, Solstice, Passover or whatever makes you happy, my friend!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's astounding the displacement activities we can find to avoid the piles of tax paper. I'm doing the same as we speak.