Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Meme

Bad-Tempered Zombie, Professor B. Worm and Wandering Coyote have all stepped up to the plate on this meme, which comes highly recommended for People Who Can't Think of Anything to Blog About.
This may also come in handy as an insomnia remedy. You never know:

50 Things I Have Never Had:
1. A broken bone
2. A daughter
3. A grandchild
4. A basement
5. Measles
6. Mumps
7. Rubella
8. Polio
9. Smallpox [...I could also throw in leprosy, but that would be pushing it]
10. A professional pedicure
11. An arrest
12. A joint
13. Jaegermeister
14. Goldschlager
15. Haircolor that wasn't conceivably natural
16. A pet rodent
17. A pet bird
18. An iPod
19. A CB radio
20. The opportunity to learn to drive a stick shift
21. More than 10 sexual encounters
22. More than $24,000 in a retirement account
23. An annual salary exceeding $40,000
24. A piercing beyond earlobes
25. Any food that originally had more than 4 legs (unless you count lobster & crab)
26. Alligator
27. An unwanted pregnancy
28. A car with a CD player
29. A final class grade of F
30. A tattoo
31. The opportunity to be a bridesmaid
32. A Glamour Shot
33. Glamour
34. A passport stamp for any country except Canada, China, Hong Kong
35. Pneumonia
36. A sexually transmitted disease
37. Tapas
38. A free meal as reward for consuming massive quantities
39. A ride in a helicopter
40. A pet turtle
41. A pet snake
42. Cosmetic surgery
43. A sibling
44. A living great-grandparent
45. A surprise birthday party
46. A DUI/DWI/OUI (a citation for driving while loaded)
47. A reason to call the fire department
48. An eviction notice
49. A gun pointed at me
50. A major award

1 comment:

Charlie said...

Bite if you must, but I would prefer that you didn't.

A very good list, and you're lucky to not have had some of those things.

I'll add you to my link list just in case someone with absolutely nothing to do decides to pore over them.