Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Random 10 - Adult ADD Edition

These tunes come to you courtesy of

  1. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
  2. Semi Sweet Hawaii - Nirvana
  3. Brazilian Girls - Don't Stop
  4. Something in Your Mouth - Nickelback
  5. Time Warp - Alvin and the Chipmunks
  6. Long Time Running - The Tragically Hip
  7. Flesh for Fantasy - Billy Idol
  8. Citadel - The Rolling Stones
  9. Maria Maria - Carlos Santana
  10. The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
It's been a decent weekend, all told.  No collect calls in the middle of the night; weather warm enough for open windows.  Caught up on some neighborhood business.

I did manage to run out of gas today (who's got the wet noodle?).  Fortunately, it was at  a good place and friends were there to help me out; they refrained from calling me a dumbass.  I owe them big-time.

Why is tomorrow Monday already?  This must have something to do with those lost microseconds caused by the Chile earthquake.  Yeah, that's it.

Confession Out of Nowhere Dept:
I'm listening to Home Alone 2, which my husband is watching in the other room.  Remember the part where Kevin goes to the toy store and the kindly old man at the counter tells him he can choose an ornament from the tree?  Then he goes on to recommend the turtle doves, because you can give one to someone special and keep one for yourself, and you and that person will always matter to one another.  Good plot device, of course...but I have two thoughts on this.
First, if that kid were me in my younger years, I'd have utterly ignored the old guy and picked the ornament I wanted, being unmindful of basic etiquette and leaving the guy with the impression of me as a brat (which I was).
However... if he really wants Kevin to pick "any" ornament he wants, why does he immediately butt in with his own recommendation?  Strikes me as manipulative, even with my adult insights on relationships.
Your thoughts?

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Wandering Coyote said...

That's a pretty eclectic list of tunes, actually. I like that about it.

I haven't watched Home Alone in a million years, so I don't remember the scene.

Volly said...

You haven't missed all that much! :)

Kay Dennison said...

I'm sorta watching Magnum Force -- I'm a 'Dirty Harry' aficionado. LOL Sue me.