Thursday, June 24, 2010


...I'm having to revert to moderated comments, due to some persistent character(s) who bestow spammy porn links on every post.

Wondering if my reminiscence on Bob had something to do with this -- pinged some search engine or other.

Well, at any rate, it's back to Captchaville for all you good folks and Bannedville for everybody else.

Here are a few new photos to compensate:

My crib and my ride.  Neither has been pimped.
Have I ever mentioned my wonderful kitty?  Yes, she's just as amazing as she looks.  Her name is Precious (which she most certainly is, but Carl picked the name.  Otherwise, it would have been Sherpa, since she is mostly Himalayan - a Tortie Point, to be specific).

As cuddly and huggable as she looks, she absolutely loathes being picked up, and barely tolerates polite and respectful side-hugs.  She does, however, like to play soccer...
Here, she's branching out a bit, with basketball.  She has just slam-dunked a paper ball into the top slot of a plastic cellphone holder.



Kay Dennison said...

Awesome kitty!!!! Dunno if my spam is porn or not -- it's in some Oriental language. LOL

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your cat is adorable, and really deserves a symphony of vuvuzelas to accompany her soccer skills.

Volly said...

Oh, Barbara...Have I got a link for YOU!!