Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's New

That was supposed to be a question, actually.  The answer:  My transportation situation has improved.  I ditched the malfunctioning 1997 SUV.  It ditched me, if the truth is to be told.  This happened a couple of months ago -- right after I went to court and paid a fine for expired tag.  I poured a lot of money into the Ford, trying to get the Check Engine light to go out so I could pass inspection.  Not four days later, the radiator and the engine both blew.  The repairs would have run me about $1100 and I decided right then and there that it was not worth it, and I was going to have a newer and more fuel-efficient car, no matter what it took.

It took a lot.  But it worked out this past week.  I got very little for the "Exploder" and had to raid a retirement account.  I also have a monthly car payment where there was none before.  But it's all good.  The best part was not panicking or spiraling into depression or hopelessness.  In the end I bought a relatively new domestic model that is known for very little OTHER than its fuel efficiency.  It's fun to drive on the interstate and looks pretty in the driveway.

Next project to tackle:  A part-time evening/weekend job.  I've applied at a number of retailers, but they always want you to apply online...and then your application appears to disappear down a black hole.  What's the remedy?

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