Sunday, October 03, 2010

Get this book! Get some REAL inspiration!

Seriously,  Mitch Albom doesn't know doodly-squat about inspirational writing.  The late Mr. Buchwald did.  Afflicted with type 2 diabetes, he experienced loss of kidney function just after his 80th birthday.  This was followed by a medically necessary amputation of his lower leg.  But in order for the surgery to be performed, he had to go on dialysis, something he'd been resisting.  After 12 treatments, he said "Enough," and was accepted into a hospice facility.  No one expected him to survive beyond a month or so, with no kidney function.

Well, guess what? He was released from hospice care after 4 months, because he did not meet the criteria for a "deteriorating" medical condition.  In fact, his kidney started working again, all by itself. 

But while he was in hospice, Mr. Buchwald entertained a large array of prominent people from politics and media, and began collecting all the eulogies that had been prepared in his honor.  They appear in this awesome, wonderful book.

No spoilers here, other than to give away the fact that he did, indeed, pass away eventually.  How eventually can be learned on Wikipedia.  But you can't gain the full measure of his lovely heart and soul from a reference website.  Please read this book.

Naturally, I'll benefit if you click the handy link and order it via Amazon, but please get it any which way you can ... and celebrate.


Kay Dennison said...

I've added it to my "gotta read" list which is far too long.

Volly said...

Nudge it up to the top of the list, Kay...

Anonymous said...

Too many books on my reading pile, but there is much to learn from that gentleman's experience. Perhaps that medical science has ways to go?

Dianne said...

I saw him interviewed and he had such a light and merriment about him :)

I agree with you about Raj getting more screen time, he's a good character
I was really impressed that you could spell the name of the desk!!

I also read your post below - I wouldn't evaluate the impact of a post based on comments, I often read something that really hits me yet don't know what to comment so I think I'll come back and then life takes over