Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy New Year Wish

and word of appreciation to all my loyal Blogger friends who keep their Thinking Caps on Amid Life's Crises, even when Negativity is the Norm and you feel like a Bad-Tempered Zombie.

Raise your glass of Alpen Wasser!  Have A Taste of Ipecac if you're Pleading For Sanity!  Never turn off those Deep Thoughts or cease your Internal Monologue.  Whether you're a Clergy Guy or just an Everyday Unitarian, I hope the New Year finds you No Longer Quivering and free from Katastrophe.

May all the truly Stupid Evil Bastards in your life Swerve and Vanish -- let them be Forever in Hell, while the rest of us are just Laughing in Purgatory.  No matter how many Post-it Notes From Hades they try to stick on us, despite their Ramblings, we'll just say "Down With Tyranny!"

Let Me Be Frank:  It's All One Thing.

So, my fellow scribes and constant readers,

Namaste, For Today.

...and if you're not included here, my feeble brain just couldn't figure out where to work you in.  I appreciate you just as much!  :)


Kay Dennison said...

How coooooooool!!!!!

Happy New Year, Volly!!!!!!

Al Penwasser said...

Happy New Year, Volly! That's outstanding-you knew that I derived my pen name (did anyone really think that Al Penwasser is my real name?) from bottled water I was able to get in the Azores: Alpen Wasser. Maybe sometime in 2011, I'll put "Al's" biography on my blog.

Volly said...

Al, don't give me so much credit for cleverness. I saw a reference to your name somewhere in your earlier writings - no longer recall where. But I did remember it. Now why can't I remember where I put my keys??! :)

Al Penwasser said...

Ohhh, I think you're right, but I can get absent-minded to where I...uh...err...what were we talking about again?

Ann said...

Happy New Year! And thank you!

Ipecac said...

Happy New Year to you too!