Friday, March 28, 2008

A Delightful Coma to Start Off the Weekend!

Came home from work, went directly to bed. Fell into the heaviest, most sluggish sleep I can remember in a long time. It was like last Sunday on the road when I hit "instant REM" after pulling over at a rest stop. But while that sleep was only 20 minutes or so, this was nearly 2 hours. I just could not wake up, and dreamed like crazy. Now, of course, I'll stay up all night.

Ah, Friday at last! Can't complain, unfortunately, since the week went by fast with minimal stress. Even being broke wasn't too bad, since Carl covered any expenses, and I simply postponed any bill payments until I'm back to normal (a week from now), so I won't get hit with any additional overdraft fees.

The weather's getting really warm now, in contrast to where Wally is -- about a 30-degree difference. He can have it. He told me last night he's starting to look for a new rental situation after May 1st, when the family he's living with will take on a new person and he'll have to move on.

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