Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh, Carl, Wait Until You Get Home!!!

Carl got his schedule changed this week and has to work a very different shift 2x. He is so pissed. He thinks his boss deliberately changed his schedule because she got wind that he's actively looking for another job. I think he's paranoid, although granted, she is a biotch. But at any rate, he's been discouraged because first he had to delay going for an interview several times last week due to things being extremely busy where he works now, and then when he finally got over to the place, a person he didn't know blew him off by saying they weren't hiring at all. Well, today the answering machine had a message from the same place he's been trying to get hired at, and they are interested.

I wrote him a note and stuck it on the fridge for when he finally gets home.

Marilyn is now my next-door neighbor. She's been catty-corner from me since last May when we moved to our new office space. At first she wanted a window cubicle like mine but was afraid the windows would produce too much glare. By the time she realized she was wrong about this, it was too late. She was already ensconced in the aisle-side cube, and the IT guys were very busy with everyone else's installations, so she stayed put. But after Miss K left a couple of weeks ago, Marilyn saw her opportunity and got permission to move. Now I'm sure she'll be peeking around the dividing wall to talk to me several times a day.

Maybe she'll bypass me altogether and talk to Linda, who sits on the other side of me and is also the gabby type.

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