Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the Offensive

Doug and I are sparring again. This time I am not backing down. I have told both him and Wally that it is no use pressing me for money, since such a commodity is virtually non-existent for me at this time. It should get better gradually over the summer, but no one knows my situation better than I do, and I've been up-front about it.

Doug sent a letter to various parties, outlining his "need for help" in supporting Wally, and after consulting with a friend who has a lot of expertise in communication, as well as a son the same age as Wally, I sent back an e-mail (and copied the other parties he sent the first one to), explaining how my lack of funds is at least partly a result of some actions on his part and Wally's. I had sat on this e-mail for awhile, knowing that to send it would not increase his level of favorable regard toward me, and finally let it fly after getting a couple of "I-want, gimme gimme" e-mails from Wally.

This too shall pass, but realistically, I foresee a period of some estrangement from my son on the horizon. It won't be forever, but it hurts.

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