Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Planned Catastrophe

Yes, it did indeed hit the fan, last night and then today. Wally was the most obvious victim, and Doug laid it on as thick as he could. He is reveling in dumping all the crap there ever was between him and me onto our son. And Wally is falling right for it. I encouraged him to step back and not be sucked into this, but he is very confused and upset right now and feels he should be in it, since this distinguishes him as an adult rather than "a little kid who has to be protected."

So, why do I call this a "planned catastrophe?" Because I thought carefully about what I was going to say and how, beforehand, and then anticipated what the fallout would be. Though I'm not happy that all my dire predictions came true, it's certainly an improvement over my previous patterns of striking out in a disorganized, unprepared fashion and then being truly astonished at the backlash. None of this has taken me by any sort of surprise. I think that's why I can be so calm about all of this. And why there were so many bad moments for me in years past.

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