Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pardon the dust...

I suddenly decided to redecorate MSHP. The colors got changed about 14 times; anyone who stumbled in when I was going through my Chartreuse & Bright Yellow phase will be glad I went to more of a vaguely "varsity" look. Sort of like the colors of the New York City Police Department in the mid-1960s.

My most significant contribution is using a larger type font. Hope you find it easier on the eyes.

Still not completely satisfied, but I'll rest for now.

Do you ever somehow think there must be colors out there that haven't been invented yet?


Anonymous said...

I hope there are some new colors. I've been messing with my MySpace page and it's a mess, I know I want a mustard yellow, but it's hard to make the rest look okay! :)

Lugosi said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I wish I had the eyes of a lizard just so I could see various shades of the infrared spectrum. Now that would make for a cool looking blog!