Monday, March 24, 2008

Driving and Griping

I went to see Wally over the weekend. As far as that went, it was a good time. We enjoyed seeing each other and spending time, though Wally had to work part of a day, which left me to my own devices. Not bad, overall. He will do fine where he is, providing he doesn't get passive-aggressive and self-sabotaging and screw it all up for himself.

Good got-damn, it was cold in that Northern state! Even Wally has begun to lose his love for the higher latitudes and is looking forward to attending college out west where it's warm.

Two main gripes.

  1. An idiot I met at the hotel. We had to move our cars because repairs were going on during the weekend. Another guest complained about having to move it so far from his room and expressed a wish (loudly) that "some asshole won't come along and give me a ticket..." He had moved his car next to mine and apparently saw my out-of-state plate. In an even louder voice, aimed at me, he said "I tell it like it is! I'm not from the south!" The appropriate response, which I wish I'd been quick enough to think of right then, is, "Well, bless your heart!"
  2. All the many Darwin Award contestants on the interstates. People who take up residence in the left lane and then do the speed limit deserve the death penalty.
That's all. Back home, and back to the usual routine.

Oh -- this wouldn't be complete without some moaning about money!

I'm seriously overdrawn, with over $400 in overdraft fees! If it weren't for the frickin fees, it wouldn't be all that bad. I may call the bank and see if maybe they could take off a couple of them. But first I have to wait until it settles -- there are still some pending items. Then it will be payday, which will help a bit.

I got the registration done for the conference in June - no one said anything about having to send in money so I'll assume my sponsors are going to take care of that. Great! I've already got my flight and hotel room.

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